Kevin Can F**k Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself

Well that was interesting. In a weird way this show reminds me of WandaVision. Not for any plot reasons but because it really plays fast and loose with standard television preconceptions.

For the record I'm not sure whether I enjoyed it...but I am pretty sure I didn't dislike it. I just have no suitable frame of reference. It certainly kept me watching.

If you aren't aware of the concept the elevator pitch is basically - what if one of Kevin James' sitcom wives really wanted to kill him. Whenever Kev (and it is clearly meant to be James) is in shot you see the slapstick sitcom universe - as soon as he is off-screen you get to see the real (dark) world. That world is a run-down Worcester, Massachusetts suffering from recession and an opioid crisis.

Annie Murphy (from Schitt's Creek) is brilliant as the put upon wife with the dual life. She is the centre of the show so it lives and dies with her and if it does work (like I said I am not sure) it is because of her. Mary Hollis Inboden as her neighbour is also first-class - their evolving relationship feels the most engaging thing in the show (well both 'shows'). You have to hope Eric Petersen is hamming it up as Kevin. I suspect he is relishing playing such a doofus knowing it isn't carrying the show but it is bottom of the barrel stuff.

I think it is really worth watching just to give them props for the ambition - whether you stick with it is probably 50/50.

All eight episodes are on Amazon Prime.