Cos-playing as a TV executive - my ATX TV Festival itinerary

Cos-playing as a TV executive - my ATX TV Festival itinerary

I always wanted to be a writer. That was/is my dream job. At various times it was focused on being a novelist, comic book writer (for the longest time), screenwriter, critic or memoirist/chronicler...but more than anything I dreamed of being a show-runner in television.

Given I am 51 and lack anything like the talent required to do any of these things let alone in one of the highest profile roles in one of most competitive industries a dream it shall remain...but thanks to the ATX TV Festival I can cos-play it for a few days at least.

The festival is a really fun mix of very inside-baseball look at making television shows and also a lot of fan friendly panels and screenings with industry professionals from all over attending alongside TV nerds like me (though there are only a few making trans-Atlantic trips for it I think!).

I attended a couple of years ago and have basically been scheming to get back ever since so I'm exciting to be returning and looking forward to attending -->


- with some of the cast of Animal Control
- Case of the Week: How Procedurals Keep Us Coming Back with cast members from Chicago Fire, Law and Order:SVU, FBI:Most Wanted and more
- The Show Runner Summit with multiple current show-runners (including the original show-runner of my favourite TV show Justified!)
- Halt & Catch Fire 10 Year Anniversary with cast and creators(!)
- How the Strikes Affected ... Everything (including Charlie from the West Wing on the panel!)
- A Conversation with Devery Jacobs (from Reservation Dogs)
- Suits Retrospective with cast and creators (no Meghan though).
- Norman Lear's TV for the People: Script Readings and Conversation with loads of folks from elsewhere in the programme


- a new Interview with a Vampire episode + a Q&A with some of the cast
- the season 3 finale of Hacks and Q&A with some of the cast
- Fargo and interview with Noah Hawley - the creator of the TV show
- Big Cigar + Q&A with cast
- Season 3 premiere of Industry with cast Q&A
- Orphan Black: Echoes U.S. Premiere Screening and Q&A
- Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Screening and Q&A

So a busy few days! Also it is Austin so there will be many tacos, much bbq, some live music and a little bit of drinking! I might try and see Austin FC as well if I can get a ticket.

Just writing this has amp'd my excitement levels - especially as air-miles mean I'm going Business Class as well.

It is a tough life.