[2024] Healthnote - June

[2024] Healthnote - June
Photo by Myriam Zilles / Unsplash

It has been 12 weeks since a routine check up at my GP sent me spiralling when the results came via text messages opening with URGENT and my path to better living through chemistry started in earnest.

Long story short because I’ve shared it a lot already it turned out I had dangerously (like DANGEROUSLY) high blood sugar (HbA1c) and cholesterol as well as pretty scary blood pressure and slightly worrying kidney function (which given my history with nephrotic syndrome always causing some uneasiness).

For the first few weeks I was channelling The Verve (The Drugs Don’t Work) or at least the cure was pretty horrendous. I had a full catalogue of side effects and generally felt miserable. I also genuinely thought I was not long for this Earth and sorted my will amongst other morbid life admin (I’ve pre-paid for my eventual cremation and chosen where I want my ashes scattered!)

Anyway 12 weeks later and I take a dozen pills a day but no longer have any ill effects from them. I’m also doing fewer finger prick blood tests and blood pressure tests as it has become more obvious when it is useful to do so.

Diet wise it remains bleak.My diet 13 weeks ago would likely have consisted of toast or bacon roll for breakfast, Tesco meal-deal style sandwich/crisps/chocolate for lunch. Chinese/Thai/Mexican/Indian/Italian for dinner - definitely rice, noodles or pasta - usually with more bread. Probably something like tea and biscuits for later in the evening. I wasn’t drinking loads but you can probably add 8-10 beers over the course of the week as well.

In the last 12 weeks I have had no rice, pasta, noodles or potatoes really. I have had a couple of these Skinny Beers but otherwise nada. I’ve had a few Maltesers but otherwise no sweets or cake. I have allowed myself two slices of seeded, brown bread or a wrap most days but that is it. I’ve never eaten more salad (or Chicken) in my life…oh and soooooo many eggs.

I’m trying to do things in a more sustainable way than I did a few years ago when I dieted and lost a lot of weight (30+ kg last time) because it didn’t stick and I put about half the weight back on and during Covid all my bad habits food wise returned pretty much (apart from sugary drinks and my drinking never returned to pre-diagnosis levels).

I’m not really exercising but have managed to move my average daily steps from 3500 in January to just short of 7000 for the last month and I’m doing some press-ups (sometimes - it is far from a habit yet).

My foot is probably forever messed up but I am seriously considering giving MANvFAT football a go - an old friend has been doing it and the local branch is just down the road.

Anyway this is really a note for me to mark this point in time as I am feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally after a dark few months and I wanted to capture that in case it went pear-shaped again!