Thank U, Next

Thank U, Next

So somewhat unexpectedly - and some might say ironically given I do a pretty popular newsletter sharing vacancies for the sorts of vacancies I am interested in - I find myself in need of a job.

Without getting into it my return to TPXimpact fell apart at the final hurdle and it is safe to say I feel a little bruised by the outcome. It isn’t how I wanted things to end but it is nobody's fault and I need to move on - so like Ariana says ‘thank u, next’ :)

So what am I going to do? Well I guess I am still most clear about what I am NOT going to do -

  • No Sales/Growth/Business Development roles
  • No hands on / day-to-day product owner or delivery roles
  • No permanent roles with Central Government Departments

Despite long being wary of it I am leaning towards going freelance for a bit - giving me a bit more of an opportunity to choose what I do and who I do it for - but I am going to keep an open mind if the right opportunity turns up elsewhere.

I have an idea on what I’d like to focus on →

  • Building digital teams
  • Agile communications
  • Interim digital leadership
  • Product coaching
  • Product strategy

..and I’ve launched a little ‘brochure’ site that expands on what I can do in those areas while I am weighing my options.

So I'm going to take a couple of days to reset my headspace and then I'll get on the case on re-starting my career I guess. Probably should not have just (as in two weeks ago) shut down that Limited Company I only set-up 18 months ago eh!?